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(11-30-1998): Rob Ray suspended for slew-footing
(11-29-1998): Avs recall Scott Parker from AHL
(11-28-1998): ECHL player Justin McPolin suspended for 35 games
(11-28-1998): Twist and Bonvie have unfinished business
(11-28-1998): Kugel can come back next season
(11-26-1998): Chris Tamer traded to NYR, Nedved also included
(11-24-1998): Colin Campbell gets tough with enforcers
(11-24-1998): Matt Johnson suspension set at 12 games
(11-21-1998): Matthew Barnaby won't change style
(11-20-1998): Dave Morissette sent to minors
(11-20-1998): Matt Johnson suspended for sucker-punch
(11-20-1998): Nazarov suspension set at 7 games
(11-18-1998): Peter Worrell suspended for elbow
(11-17-1998): Hawks fighting mad about jerseys
(11-17-1998): Habs, Hawks trade tough guys
(11-17-1998): Eric Cairns signs with Rangers
(11-15-1998): NHL goons becoming dying breed
(11-15-1998): Andrei Nazarov suspended for x-checking
(11-15-1998): Reid Simpson suspended for throwing bottle at fan
(11-13-1998): Gratton denies slurring Peter Worrell
(11-13-1998): Sean Brown suspended for high-sticking
(11-13-1998): Chris Chelios placed on I.R.
(11-12-1998): Enrico Ciccone suspended for elbow
(11-10-1998): Cam Russell traded to Avalanche
(11-08-1998): Marc Laforge still fighting
(11-08-1998): NHL fighting down so far
(11-08-1998): Barnaby didn't fight Santa
(11-08-1998): Bruin's Marquis Mathieu not a marquis name
(11-08-1998): Odjick gives goons a bad name
(11-07-1998): Isles trade Ken Belanger to Bruins
(11-05-1998): NHL fighters support Kugel ban
(11-05-1998): Matthew Barnaby suspended for elbow
(11-04-1998): NHL should lead in cleaning up fighting
(11-04-1998): Minor league teams calling about Kugel
(11-03-1998): Windsor's Jeff Kugel banned from OHL for life