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Hawks go to war over extra-big jerseys
Tues. Nov. 17, 1998. By Garth Woolsey, Toronto Star.

Some NHL players are wearing goalie jerseys to gain an edge in fights, according to the Chicago Blackhawks.

The idea is that the bigger and looser the sweater the easier an arm comes free, allowing players to punch more effectively.

The Blackhawks on the weekend complained to referee Dan Marouelli that some opposing Buffalo Sabres, noted throughout the league for their pugilism, were wearing the oversize tops. But the ref did nothing, which infuriated Chicago coach Dirk Graham.

In an earlier game against Carolina, Graham noted, Hawks' Dennis Bonvie was forced by on-ice officials to change into a regulation jersey.

Later, Chicago GM Bob Murray reportedly told the NHL he had six players wearing the goalie cuts and would order them not to, providing the league enforced standards with other teams, too.

``I was very angry about (the Buffalo game),'' Graham told the Chicago Sun-Times. ``You ask about the rule and you get a different answer from every ref. The league has to get a handle on it.''