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Sabres' Rob Ray awaiting word on additional games of suspension
Tues. Dec. 1, 1998.

NEW YORK - NHL Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell held a hearing late Monday to decide how many more games Buffalo's Rob Ray will serve as a suspension for ``slew-footing,'' the Panthers' Alex Hicks.

The incident occurred in the third period of the Panthers' 6-2 win over the Sabres on Saturday when Ray, being challenged to fight by Peter Worrell, ignored him, then swept the legs out from under Hicks while driving him into the boards.

Hicks sprained his right knee on the play.

Ray was suspended for Sunday's win in Tampa, and a ruling on how many additional games he will receive is expected on Tuesday. Ray will not play in the rematch Wednesday is Buffalo.

Also, league sources said Monday night that Worrell will not receive disciplinary action for hitting Michal Grosek in the back of the head while he was sprawled across the ice.

Regarding Ray's hit on Hicks, Panthers defenseman Paul Laus said, ``It's a chicken play that you don't see coming. ``I don't think it's right and they should hand out a pretty stiff suspension.''

Panthers coach Terry Murray wouldn't offer an opinion as to what a suitable punishment should be. ``That's something that's handled by the league,'' Murray said. ``It's not up to us to get even in that situation. There's going to be a penalty that the player is going to have to take.

``It wasn't that anybody or anything happened in particular that it's going to be get-even time. There was some reaction to different situations.''

Lost in the emotion surrounding Saturday's game was the fact the Panthers won back- to-back games for the third time this year. ``The bottom line is winning, so it would be stupid to go out of our way for retribution,'' said captain Scott Mellanby.

Still, things might get nasty.

``I won't guarantee any fights,'' Laus said. ``It's all part of the game and things happen. We'll just see when we get up there.'