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Oilers loaded with enforcers
Wednesday, 7 October, 1998

Suddenly the Edmonton Oilers have more hockey heavyweights in their midst than the entire country has of the boxing variety. 
Who the true contenders are is the burning question. 
With the addition of Daniel Lacroix, who is set to join the club this afternoon, the Oil are suddenly overburdened with toughness, which should keep fitness consultant Daryl Duke - he of the Panther Gym - busy working the gloves. 
"We were looking to make sure we don't get into any situations where, for instance, Dougie was getting knocked around last year, and we didn't have a guy around to look after him," said head coach Ron Low. "Billy Huard was hurt the whole year. 
"Glen (Sather) went out and did what he thinks makes us a little bit tougher and I think it's a good move." 
Lacroix now joins Huard, Marty McSorley and Georges Laraque as designated fighters. 
That is until today, when more moves may occur. There are simply too many pugilists around for, say, two jobs. 
"I don't think you'll see them in the lineup all in one night, I don't think that's going to happen," said Low. "You want to make darn sure that Marty isn't your only tough guy around though, too. 
"Bucky's here, but I don't want him fighting," said Low of captain Kelly Buchberger. "You want to make sure that you have at least two guys in there on a regular basis and I think that's necessary." 
Surely one or two of these big boys could be weeded out as early as today or tomorrow, and you know it ain't going to be McSorley. So a further trade is not out of the question. 
"There's always room for toughness," said Huard. "Marty will keep things settled down back there and Daniel is a tough kid and a pretty good hockey player." 
Huard certainly isn't worrying about a change in address. 
"That's up to Slats. Right now all I can concentrate on is myself and going out and playing hard. I don't know if there's enough room for everybody. That's up to Low Tide and Slats."