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Belanger has the blistering shot
Sat. Dec. 5, 1998.

 BOSTON (CP) -- Left-winger Ken Belanger surprised himself by blasting the hardest shot in the Boston Bruins skills competition on Sunday -- a 161.5 km/h shot.
 "I think it's a turning point," Belanger joked to the Boston Globe. "I scored on the breakaway (relay) and won the hardest shot. I was curious what it was. I never really had it clocked before."
 The native of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., was traded to the Bruins from the New York Islanders for Ted Donato on Nov. 7. Belanger dethroned Bruins defenceman Hal Gill, who won the title with a 153.5 km/h shot last year.