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For Fans of Hockey Fighters

This site is not currently being updated due to lack of time.

Do you like a good hockey fight?
Of course! We all do. I know I do!
And I can't be the only one!
Witness what happens when a fight starts: everyone in the crowd
rises to their feet in anticipation of the pugilistic display
about to unfold. While the NHL suits may say that hockey must
eliminate fighting to become popular in the U.S., the fans in
attendance would certainly seem to disagree.
It is for those fans, and also for you, that I pay tribute to the
unsung soldiers of hockey - the little respected "goons", "enforcers",
"policemen", or as I prefer to call them "tough guys" - that, rightly or
wrongly, are an integral part of today's hockey.

This page includes penalty minute statistics,
pictures of, and news and info about, NHL tough guys,
and pictures of my tough guys autographed hockey card
collection spanning the years 1960-present, and more.

Lots of Fight Fans Since 10.01.98
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